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frequency converter

  • Environmentally thanks to the use of the latest electronic solutions, highest performance with minimal power consumption is available
  • Highest precision due to very short signal propagation times make it possible to realize controllers with high immunity to interference and noise high dynamic accuracy
  • For maximum speed, the complete control technology (current controller, speed controller, position controller) was implemented in an FPGA.
  • Fast and reliable commissioning by automatically identifying the relevant motor parameters
  • The option of encoderless control allows you to achieve robust solutions while reducing costs through high-precision encoder simulation, with a motor model within 10μs

  • Power: depends on the colling concept up to 15 kVA
  • Encoderless speed control
  • Fieldbus (CAN, CANopen, Modbus-RTU over RS-485) onboard
  • Expandable by combo slave-modules up to 4096 in- and outputs
  • EtherCAT optionally

Details about FU3-022

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